Weekend Sale: Classic Adventure Games with up to -75%

No time like the weekend for great adventures!
Leave yourself plenty of time for the next few days to truly enjoy some fascinating adventure games!
Witness the very beginnings of the graphic adventure game genre with King’s Quest series (50% off) and Space Quest (75% off) by Sierra.
If good workout for your brain is what you are seeking this weekend, proving yourself in mystical and beautifully hand-painted Unforseen Incidents (33% off) or being a detective of Lamplight City should hit the spot.
Are you dreaming of etching your name far beyond planet Earth? Explore farthest corners of the galaxy in Stellaris from Paradox! To celebrate a 3 year Anniversary of this popular sci-fi grand strategy, base game and its expansions are up to 75% off.
The Weekend Sale lasts until May 13th, 10PM UTC.