Video Feature: Judas Plays Rogue Legacy

A "let's play" video by's very own Judas. How do you like it?
Since This Week on GOG is currently on a break in-between seasons, and we promised to keep the YouTube channel interesting, we've got a special featurette for you. Our colleague, Judas, gets really passionate about some of the games we release. Just recently fell in love with Rogue Legacy, and spent many nights slashing monstrous sprites, exploring the trap-filled castle, and looting tons of gold. He had so much fun, that he thought it would be nice to share the experience, and that's how the following "let's play" video came to being. We thought it was cool enough to give it some final polish and share with you guys.
Many of our forum users may know Judas. Most, however, probably wouldn't know what he does around, apart from delivering snarky blue one-liners. So, let's explain. Judas is our bonus content hunter always looking for a chance to add something special to our game releases. That's how he spend his days. The nights--that's a different story. That's when he puts on his special rogue outfit and sneaks back to the office to play games. That we knew, because even though he's extra stealthy, we sometimes find him in the morning, head on keyboard, snoring, with a text "Congratulations, you beat the game" flashing on his screen, and some heavy metal classic sounding from his headphones. The fact that he can coherently talk while playing--an important quality for a let's player--is as new to us as it is to you. We hope you'll like his show.
Give your feedback in the comments, please. Tell us if you'd like to see more of that kind of content (or something similar) on our YouTube channel. Judas will be lurking the forums, so you can tell him what you think. Just go easy on him. Those are his very first steps in the world of gaming videos.
If you're interested in the game that Judas Plays, it's Rogue Legacy, a proceduarally generated roguelike (or: rogue-LITE) platformer in which your dying character passes on his quest and heritage to his offspring, shaping a heroic saga generation by generation, and it's available on for only $14.99.