Video Challenge: Your GOGgame Story

Share your Good Old Gaming memories and get up to five $9.99 games!
We are all retrogamers at heart and our identities are built on the foundation of classic gaming memories. We know you have plenty of those as well. Memories, that is, not identities (and even if, let’s just not go there). We would like to give you an opportunity to tell us about your very own greatest classic gaming moments and grab some free games in the process!
"Let's play" videos seem to be all the craze these days. But they’re so 2010’s. Let’s do something with more of a retro-feel. Let's talk about the classics! Tell us your "GOGgame Story"! There has to be at least one game on your shelf that holds a special place in your heart. One that you think of more like an old friend than just an item of electronic entertainment. Recall the good times you had with it, record a video and upload it to YouTube to share your love for classics with the world and get a chance to grab some free games!
To put it in six simple steps:
1. Look at catalogue of games.
Choose one that you feel like you have much to tell about.
2. Make a "GOGgame Story":
a video of some in-game footage, your commentary, and maybe even you in person--just about anything that will spice up your video.
3. Please include the following screen at the end of your video.
The image is provided in 720p resolution. If your video is smaller, re-scale or crop, but keep the 16:9 aspect ratio.
4. Upload your "GOGgame Story" to YouTube.
Call it something like "[Game Title], a GOGgame Story, by [YourGOGForumNickname]" and make it public. Also, please include the following text in the video’s description: “The game in this video is available on”.
5. Provide a link to your video in the thread below.
6. Profit!*
* Starting next week, each Friday till the end of November, the video with the most views will be awarded with 5 codes (each for a $9.99 game). The same prize will go to the author of the most cereative video (Mr. A, our Video Ninja will be the judge of that). Yet another pack of 5 codes will be given to the author of GOG's favorite video (by popular vote of our whole staff). Three runner-up prizes, 1 code each, will be handed out as well. Ingenuity, humor, and creativity will be taken into account. Multiple entries are allowed. A public list of winning videos will be held in the forum. Picking a game that didn’t already have a winning video created for it, will improve your chances. As well as wearing a monocle and a top hat in the video. Just kidding. Or...?
That’s the whole deal - pick a classic game that you love from catalogue, tell the internets your "GOGgame Story", get free games. Sounds pretty easy, eh? Well, ladies and gentlemen, start your cameras!
We reserve the right to re-post the winning videos in our own YouTube channel.