Update: Dungeon Keeper 2 and The Witcher 1&2

Dungeon Keeper 2, now with fully supported hardware acceleration.
At GOG.com we try to treat our games like our children--with care, tolerance, love and understanding. If they’re not ready and prepared, we don’t release them. When we see they’re doing great on modern systems, we pack them with some extra goodies to keep them warm and safe, and send them out to the homes of the best people we could ever find--you, gamers, GOGers!
And we never forget about our games, oh no! Every once in a while, one of our testers checks how our releases are doing and then we can contact you and say: “It’s a dangerous world out there. This patch, update, soundtrack, and artbook might help you.”
Today, we’re extremely happy to tell you that within minutes you will be able to play the best, the fastest, and the most reliable version of Dungeon Keeper 2 out there, all thanks to a small patch, named 'Hardware acceleration fix', that can be downloaded from your ‘My Account’ section. Play Dungeon Keeper with hardware acceleration and 1024x768 resolution (fully supported on ATI and NVIDIA cards) as it’s supposed to be played--slick, smooth, and super-cool.
In addition to that, we’ve added some great extras to The Witcher and The Witcher 2:
- new print-ready HD version of the TW2EE artbook--that’s 332 MB of the pure awesomeness
- seven “Behind the Scenes” videos for The Witcher
- 14 video interviews with the creators of The Witcher
- metal music video advertising The Witcher
Download the Dungeon Keeper 2 patch and awesome extras for the Witcher games from your ‘My Account’ page. We also recommend using our GOG.com Downloader.