Ubisoft Holiday Contest New Year's Resolutions

Well after the epic Holiday songs contest, we’re still chanting Activision carols here at the office but time goes on and a new contest is beginning!
As we’ve mentioned before, there are more than 350 games for sale for less than $5. A lot of you may not be familiar with our catalog, so we thought we’d hold a few contests to help you learn about the great games that has available on sale right now. A week ago we’ve picked winners of the Caption Contest.
This time is partnering up with the creators of Rayman, the famous Heroes of Might and Magic and the Might and Magic RPGs to bring you a new contest: Ubisoft New Years Resolutions!
Write us a New Year’s resolution as if you were a Ubisoft character, and post it in comments to this thread or the Facebook post ;) So Rayman might want to grow a joint between his hands and his torso, and Pey'j from beyond good and evil would probably want to lose some weight. You get the idea. ;)
We’re ending this contest on Tuesday 27th of December at 11:59 AM GMT ;) We will pick some of the most funny, thoughtful, or entertaining entries and call them winners shortly after the contest ends.
Happy Holidays to all!