Tyranny celebrates 2 year anniversary with Gold Edition and free content

As per Kyros' will.
A new Edict of Renaming has just been issued by Kyros the Overlord and it decrees that two of Tyranny's versions be renamed thusly:
- Commander Edition is now called Standard Edition.
- Overlord Edition is now Deluxe Edition (same for the respective upgrade).
Additionally, a new Gold Edition is now available, which includes every piece of Tyranny content that's been released, including the two expansion packs.
All versions just received a FREE update which adds two portraits and some cool pieces of gear.
To celebrate Kyro's wisdom, these Tyranny versions got their base prices readjusted and are 50% off until November 12th, 11pm UTC.
NOTE: The free content update will hit the Mac and Linux versions soon.