Twitch alert: Watch DarkSaber2k play SPAZ 1 and 2

Three hours full of pirates, zombies, and neon-lit spaceships.
Hey there, planet-plunderers! Have your tried Space Pirates and Zombies 2 yet?
By all accounts, it's a more than worthy successor to the addictively entertaining SPAZ. Developers MinMax Games expanded upon the things that made the original so popular while also taking quite a few risks in order to offer an experience that feels both refreshingly different and comfortably familiar at the same time.
In fact, that's what DarkSaber2k tried to establish by playing a little bit of SPAZ and a whole lot of SPAZ 2 during his almost-three-hour Twitch stream the other day.
Go ahead and give it a watch - just beware of all the colorful space debris.