Syndicate on on 19th of January--plus: a contest!

The legendary Syndicate will take over on the 19th of January.
The original sci-fi strategy Syndicate will be released on for $5.99 this Thursday. This gritty cyberpunk treasure shows up here with some bonus content: the game manual, dark SF artworks, and avatars.
As you can read in this review Syndicate is “A modern masterpiece. The self-respecting gamer should ensure they have Syndicate nestling snugly on the games shelf as soon as possible.” Follow the wise advice and get Syndicate in just two days for $5.99.
While you’re waiting, we’re having a fun contest to keep you guys occupied until Thursday:
Syndicate is a game set in a grim future. As the world’s multinational corporations grew, their profits began to rival those of small countries. Soon they owned small countries and corporate influence was felt at the highest level of world government. Smaller corporations were swallowed up like plankton in the wake of behemoth mega-corporations. needs your help to take over the world. You and three friends--real or imaginary, past or future--are going to form a team that you’d recommend to us to lead the charge to make the world’s biggest Syndicate.
We want to know if you’re up for the challenge.
Assemble your team of cyborgs, give us your Team Name, Method of Operation, and any other relevant information you'd like.
Go on, spread your influence across the globe and tell us how.
1 free copy of Syndicate for the 10 posters who have the best Syndicate team. We’ll be reading through all of your posts (Hello, discordiac, our new marketing manager who “volunteered” for this job!) and picking the ones that we like best.
1. Only one entry post per user. Feel free to comment & edit until the contest closes.
2. You may enter into similar contests that we are running on Twitter and Facebook, but only once via each different channel.
3. We will be picking 10 of our favorite teams from this thread to win their free copies of Syndicate.
4. The contest will end on Thursday the 19th of January 2012 at 7:00 AM EST.