Surprise Sale: Post-apocalypse sale, up to -80%

What a time to be alive!
It's still a pre-apocalyptic era (we guess), so what is it we all dream of? Post-apocalypse of course! And our Surprise Sale offers exactly that!
We start with an excellent entry to survival games that got even better with its recent expansion: UnderRail (-50%) and Underrail: Expedition (-20%). It offers a classic turn-based roleplaying experience in our favorite setting.
Let's continue with another highlight: The critically acclaimed fan-favorite Frostpunk (-50%). You take care of an (hopefully) growing colony. But calling it prospering would be too far stretched. Life in the cold is hard and no decision will come easy. Survive through never ending hardships – or die trying.
Next up we have an entry that is less widely known but also praised by critics: FAR: Lone Sails (-40%) is a visually stunning adventure about surviving hardships in an unforgiving environment. Just a second, I sense a pattern here...
If all these gruesome experiences are taking a toll on you and you just need to relax for a bit, how about enjoying the terrific OST from those games? You can get them with -50% and -40% respectively.
But the post-apocalypse offers even more for you to test your survival skills: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (each -70%), This War of Mine: Soundtrack Edition (-75%), Convoy (-75%), Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG (-10%) and many more!
The Post-apocalyptic Sale ends on October 28th at 2PM UTC.