Surprise release: The Last Express

One of the best designed and most immersive adventure games ever created is now on GOG, so you can experience it for yourself.
The Last Express is an exceptional adventure game, created by Jordan Mechner - the creative mind behind The Prince of Persia franchise. In the game you take a role of Robert Cath, one of the passengers on the original Orient Express, as he’s traveling from Paris to Constantinople in June 1914 on the eve of World War I. At the very beginning you find your old friend, whom you were supposed to accompany on the voyage, murdered. With time running out (in real time!), you are challenged with finding out what has happened to your friend, lest you be accused of the murder--or worse!
The Last Express was one of the most innovative adventure games of its time. With beautiful, Art Nouveau style graphics, a clever and engaging plot, and a unique, atmospheric setting, the title has set standards not only for adventure games, but for all gaming genres in general.
Since lots of our users just couldn't wait until The Last Express appears in GOG's catalogue, we're releasing the game with some goodies today and we're going to add more cool extras very soon. Climb aboard!