#SUPERGOG Contest – The Winners

Check out the SUPERHOT #SUPERGOG winning entries!
500 Killstagrams, 9 hours of non-stop badass action – all viewed over 300,000 times by players around the world!
You plowed through hordes of red guys with unprecedented style and efficiency. Now, together with the team behind SUPERHOT – it's time to reveal those of you who surprised and impressed us the most.
FIRST PLACEWrongComplicatedDrabJaguar
In SUPERHOT, patience pays off – it gets you this simple, absolute perfection. Bet you can't try it at home.
How can you tell when you've been thinking outside of the box? When the devs go "You can do that?". Also when you actually leave the box.
THIRD PLACECrunks Mcgee & YandereSnake
Sometimes you just gotta have bloody good fun. These two are twice the fun!
Killstagram's WrongComplicatedDrabJaguar, LROMPE, Crunks Mcgee & YandereSnake are to be rewarded handsomely.
1st place: Autographed copy of SUPERHOT, two T-Shirts & two autographed posters. Also a mousepad, a whole bunch of pins and stickers and five $9.99 game codes on GOG.com.
2nd & 3rd places: A T-Shirt, an autographed poster. A bunch of pins and stickers, and three $9.99 game codes on GOG.com.
Check out the #SUPERGOG highlights below and thanks for playing, everyone!