Come watch our Spring Conference

CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference live tomorrow at 5:00 PM GMT
People say it is not spring until you can plant your foot upon twelve daisies. has proven otherwise, and you knew it’s spring after eight daisies already: Legend of Grimrock, Treasure Adventure Game, Trine, The Whispered World, Machinarium, Wing Commander 4, Spacechem, and Darwinia. However, as many a sudden change takes place on a spring day, we’re about to reveal another four amazing daisies tomorrow during CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference.
The harvest of a whole year depends on what you sow in the springtime. And this year, oh boy, we’re into some serious sowing. During CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference we will:
* tell you what has changed on in case you missed it
* offer a sneak peek at future releases
* give you a special gift as a big, sweet “thank you” to our users
Remember that those who arrive to the spring first, drink the purest water-- or
Remember that spring won't come from one flower--we need plenty of you to watch the CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference!