Special Feature: GOG.com Commercials

Sword-wielding gamers, shirt-ripping retailers, cake-eating customers, and ass-kicking Heads of Marketing--you will find that and much more in this series of short videos we have prepared for you guys to watch over the weekend. You can watch the first one below, but stay tuned because we will upload a new video at 12:00 PM EDT every day until Monday.
What are they for? What are they advertising? We won’t say--you know how we are--but you can look at our “Making of” album for the videos here, if you’d like to speculate wildly ;)
Find out what we’re up to when the “Newer, Fresher, Bigger” GOG.com lands Tuesday at 09:00 AM GMT. Hope you guys enjoy the videos!
The DRM Knight -- watch it now
The Regional Ripoff -- watch it now
The Complimentary Cake -- watch it now
The Refined Gamer -- watch it now