See Our Summer 2012 Conference Live!

Watch us Live!
CD Projekt RED Group Summer Conference live (right here! We'll embed it below!) on the 30th May 2012 at 5:00 PM GMT.
We know that he who does not collect in summer, will heat little in winter and because we care for our users, you can prepare yourselves for wonderful harvest after the CD Projekt RED Group Summer Conference next Wednesday at 5:00 PM GMT. It is true that one swallow does not make a summer, that is why first you will hear some earth-shattering news from our friends from CDP RED and around 40 minutes later (that’s around 5.40 GMT!), TheEnigmaticT will tell you about’s upcoming plans and release a number of fantastic games live at the show. We know that the summer that yields lots of pumpkins and horseradish doesn't fill the larder, that is why you can expect some old, some classic, and some brand new releases that will definitely heat up the first days of June.
Winter will ask you what you did during the summer, so make sure to tune in next wednesday May 30th at 5:00 PM GMT to watch us during the CD Projekt RED Group Summer Conference in this very newspost. Summer night is not very long but it rocks many cradles. You simply don’t want to miss it.
It may take a while for the video to buffer below, you but you can check out the stream here on Ustream if you missed it. Our part starts about 30 minutes in. Thanks for watching!
We’re out of obscure Polish proverbs about Summer, but feel free to make up your own in the comments below. ;)