Rise of the Triad Creative Trailer Challenge + Q&A Video

Get some answers. Make a trailer. Win free games!
Rise of the Triad, the dynamic gory FPS true to its 1990s predecessor spirit, is turning out to be the season's most badass over-the-top shooter! It's coming DRM-free to GOG.com very soon (E.T.A. July 31). When we first announced it on GOG.com we asked you for some questions for the game's developers, and it's about time we got some answers! Watch the video below and see how one of the creators of this crazy game handles a volley of questions from GOG.com users.
Thanks for your questions! As usual, the people whose questions were used in the Q&A will receive a free $9.99 bonus-code from us. But that's not all. We thought that the release of such an explosive game calls for something special. This title is extremely fun to watch. We know that many of you are no strangers to video editing, so the game's devs and we thought about putting your mad skills to a test! We challenge you to create a video trailer for Rise of the Triad for fun, glory, and--of course--some free GOG.com games!
It's simple:
1. Download the DIY trailer package. It contains all the materials you will need to whip up a cool video clip, including raw gameplay b-roll footage and music provided by the developers.
2. Use your ingenuity, insanity, creativity, and videoity to put together a trailer that uses the resources provided. Make it no longer than 1 minute! At the end of your clip, include the ending screen (22-gog-trailer-screen.jpg) you'll find in the package. Make sure it's visible for no less than 5 seconds.
3. Upload the resulting video to YouTube and make it public. Name it something like "Rise of the Triad - GOG.com fan trailer by [your GOG.com forum name]", and link it in the forum thread below. You have time until Wednesday, July 31, at 9:59AM GMT to enter your submission.
4. PROFIT! That is: get 7 free GOG.com $9.99 games if your trailer is deemed best by GOG.com staff and the Rise of the Triad devs, 5 games if you come in second, and 3 games if you take third place. You will also get one game for a honorable mention (how many of those will we have--we'll see). The results will be announced within 2 days after the submission deadline.
We reserve the right to re-post the winning videos in our own YouTube channel, and to link to them in our social media. That's it! We're anxiously waiting for your trailers and anticipating much fun!
Rise of the Triad, the over-the-top gore-fest of a shooter paying a tribute to the 1990s roots of the FPS genre by re-envisioning one of its memorable classics, is currently available for pre-order for only $14.99 on GOG.com. With your pre-order you'll receive it's classic predecessor Rise of the Triad: Dark War (Including the Extreme Rise of the Triad add-on pack that features 42 additional levels and is considered to be a whole new game by some), as well as Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike for FREE!