Release: Zafehouse: Diaries

Zombified spelling intentional.
Zafehouse: Diaries, an innovative game featuring an intense zombie survival horror story that writes itself with every decision and action you take, is available on, for only $9.99.
For quite a long time I thought I was the only one that survived the day of reckoning. Always on the move, pumped up with caffeine and meds to stay awake for days, counting every bullet, considering every step. But then, in the ruined town of Dodge, I found a proof that there were other survivors. A diary. Just a simple, small notebook filled with the records of a small group's every move and decision. They wrote down everything, from their everyday routines, through abnormal events, to casualties. I held to that notebook like it was the most important thing on Earth. I will never know if they just left it behind by accident, as they made way out of Dodge, or if they are shambling the run-down streets themselves now, hungry for human flesh. Whatever was their fate, I feel like I know them. Other people facing the same horror that is my reality. Somehow, that gives me a faint spark of hope.
Zafehouse: Diaries gives us a unique way to live through a terrifying story of a group of survivors stranded in a zombie-infested town. All of the gameplay is presented in a form of a diary, making the game a work of modern-day interactive fiction. It will take some careful planning to make it through every day. You'll have to learn every group member's strengths and weaknesses. You'll have to handle some drama between your fellow survivors, because--you know--people tend to lose their cool while being surrounded by the walking dead. It'll be like actual zombie apocalypse. When the story of your group is done, you can export the diary and show it to your friends. After all, you owe them a warning.
Do you think you're ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse that is coming our way? Test your survival skills and find out if you stand a chance against the risen dead in Zafehouse: Diaries, for only $9.99, on