Release: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for FREE with dedicated GOG servers and Bethesda Halloween Sale

We all love the freedom of choice and accessibility that come with DRM-free games, and we also enjoy titles that are meant to be played online. One of them is an iconic multiplayer game from Bethesda – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which is now available for FREE on GOG with our dedicated servers!
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an online-only game - you play by connecting to a server which you or someone else runs. You can also play alone (vs. bots) by hosting your own game, or by setting up a local area network (LAN). This game was built to enjoy with others however, and so we've set our own GOG servers to play with y'all.
It's a true 2003 vanilla experience that you just gotta try and hunt down those pesky soldiers with “GOG” tag in their usernames. We’ve heard there will be plenty of those guys there!
In order to do so, all you have to do is get the game on GOG and join one of our servers. Here’s some details about them:
EU Server IP:
NA Server IP:
Game Type: Campaign
Maximum Players: 16 (8v8)
Mods: None
Friendly Fire: Yes
Punkbuster: No
Anti-Lag: Yes
Max Lives: Off
Weapon Restriction: Off
Moderation: Not this time baby
Our servers are up live now and will be until November 18th, 7 AM UTC. All you need to join is the IP. See you on the battlefield!
Alongside that, we’ve also launched a special Bethesda Halloween Sale. Check out amazing titles like Dishonored 2, The Evil Within 2, Prey, Doom Series and more with discounts up to 85%! Sale lasts until November 1st, 10 PM UTC.
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