Release: Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic

Pioneer the post-apocalyptic open world.
Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic, a post-apocalyptic open world full of awe and danger, as imagined in a 1988 RPG, is available for only $5.99 on
They say that ever since the nuclear holocaust, America is no longer a place for heroes. They say, that it is no longer the land of the free. Know, that they've been lying to you. In the atomic wasteland of the year 2087, there is still room for bravery, justice, and order. There are men and women standing guard to what is left of civilized society, facing villains, mutants, bandits, and monsters on daily basis. When everyone else just gave up, they roam the ruins of our nation's sinful past, and do the impossible to bring law to the badlands. They are the Desert Rangers, and this is their story.
Back in 1988 Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic (or just Wasteland back then) took the fresh memory of living in constant fear during the Cold War, reached for the aesthetics of the Mad Max movies, added solid cRPG mechanics, and offered gamers an experience that would soon inspire a whole gaming sub-genre. Long before Mr. Ron Perlman announced to the world that "war never changes" in the iconic opening sequence to Fallout, the post-apocalyptic grim future was a vision already present and persistent in the minds of gamers. That was mostly because of Wasteland. The open-ended free-roam gameplay, paired with incredibly rich and suggestive setting made a lasting impression on everyone who dared to visit the nuclear desert. With challenging difficulty level and great variety of NPCs, quests, and locations, this fantastic title is still a blast to play!
Do you remember playing this title, or maybe you'd like to see how the gaming post-apo craze has begun? Pick the slightly updated version of Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic, for only $5.99, on