Release: Volgarr the Viking

Cold steel, colder ale!
Volgarr the Viking, a hardcore 2D side-scrolling arcade action platformer with gallons of blood, extreme bad-assery, and a daring difficulty level, is available 16% off on That's only $9.99 for the first week.
Rise, warrior! Bow to the 16-bit gods of the Arcade'ian Golden Age! Heed Odin's call! You are to become a mythical hero, the stuff of legends passed over goblets of ale at smelly inns, for years to come. Village elders will erect statues in your honor, Viking women will give your name to their firstborn sons, and men of the North will scream Volgarr!!! when storming enemy ranks, to instill dread in their foes' hearts. Of course, if you explode into a bloody fountain of bones and gore, that might not be the case. After all, here, now, you are still just a nameless, hairy, half-naked savage thrown against countless bloodthirsty foes. Can you become the legendary Volgarr the Viking? I dare you.
Volgarr the Viking is an awesome tribute to the most brutal and demanding arcade games of the 80s and 90s. With precise mechanics, simple controls, and challenging difficulty level, combined with pixel-perfect animation and a soundtrack worthy of a truly epic adventure, the game is sure to hold you in its mighty grip for hours on end.
Have your bloody blade ready and become the legendary Volgarr the Viking for only $9.99 on!