Release: Visual Novels: round three

Magic, love, horror, lots of pretty pictures.
Brush up on your reading skills and prepare for another wave of the feelz: a new batch of visual novels is here.
Take a peek:
Ne No Kami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto and Part 2 (55% off): Despite the supernatural events of the recent past, the people of Kyoto prefer to lead their lives in denial. But suddenly, a young girl will receive a cryptic message from an old friend and be awakened both spiritually and sexually. Get the Extra Story DLC taking place after Part 2 and also the Soundtrack for your collection (25% off).
The Falconers: Moonlight (60% off): A small mining town in New Zealand is gripped by fear as people get killed or go missing on a regular basis. Cassandra Winter and the brave Falconers are their only hope!
Da Capo 3 R (15% off): New friendships, new love, and lots of new trouble await doe-eyed Kiyotaka and Himeno at Royal London Magic Academy.
Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell (20%): A sweet tale about two orphans trying to escape the fate of being turned into animals by the mean lady running the dreaded establishment. But will their journey lead them to a better place or have they been deceived once more?
Grab the Soundtrack for your collection.
All discounts last until January 29th, 2pm UTC. Check all the deals here.