Release: Ultima 9: Ascension

The final chapter in the legend of the Avatar.
Ultima 9: Ascension, the memorable final installment of world's first cRPG saga, that entertained generations of gamers, is now available on for only $5.99.
You fought wizards, monsters, and demonic computers in the Age of Darkness. You sought truth, love, and courage to become the champion of the eight virtues in the Age of Enlightenment. The Age of Armageddon sent you on a journey through the Black Gate, onto the Serpent Isle, and into exile to the dark, twisted otherworld of Pagan. Now you are summoned to defend Britannia for the final time and free it from the corrupting influence of the fiendish Guardian. You will answer this call, as you did so many times before, for you are the Avatar, and this is the time of your ascension.
Ultima 9: Ascension concludes the saga envisioned by Richard Garriot in 1981 and continued over the next 18 years. For the first time you can explore the land of Britannia in full 3D and experience one of the most exceptional and colorful gameworlds ever created. Hundreds of pages of script went into producing the final Ultima's story, a story that brings a closure to the journey of the Avatar. A journey every RPG gamer should experience in full for him- or herself.
Answer the call of Brittania for the final time and let yourself be consumed by the world of
Ultima 9: Ascension for only $5.99 on