Release: Two Worlds 2 Epic Edition

Escape to the fantastic lands!
Two Worlds 2 Epic Edition, a vast fantasy realm full of danger and adventure for you to explore and conquer, is available 50% off on That's only $9.99 for the first week!
Reality--it can be such a drag, right? Just how many times you think you'd love to escape to some imaginary land when everything is simpler and more exciting? Thanks to the modern magic of computer games, you can do just that. Among the fantastic realms created by game developers, the one you'll get to explore in Two Worlds 2 Epic Edition stands out thanks to its size, complexity, and the number of different things you can do as your digital heroic alternate self. If you're the escapist type this one will most certainly live up to your expectations.
In Two Worlds 2 you can ride on horseback, craft items, forge weapons and armor, and even brew potions.The game offers a diverse landscape of forests, deserts, swamps, seashores, cities, and fields, venturing deep into forgotten caverns and dungeons. The way you develop your character is entirely left to your decision. Combine the skills of a ranger, a mage, and a warrior, balancing the focus and creating your own perfect build. The Epic Edition offered on includes the original Two Worlds II, the Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion, and Two Worlds II: Castle Defense.
A whole new life in a fantastic realm far, far away is now well within your reach. Get Two Worlds 2 Epic Edition, for only $9.99 on! The release promo offer lasts until Thursday, May 2, at 9:59AM GMT.