Release: Thunderscape

Strike against the Darkfall!
Thunderscape, a classic 1990s dungeon crawler with real-time exploration of a vast and diverse underworld and challenging turn-based combat against many fearsome fiends of chaos, is available on for only $5.99.
The world of Aden is in great peril. The demonic, corruptive power known as the Darkfall fills the world with monsters, abominations, and evil-inspiring artifacts. The realm is in dire need of defenders, and it's your job to lead them against the forces of chaos. You will explore a dark and dangerous underground to reach for the power you'll need to bring the light to where darkness reigns. A small party of stalwart adventurers seems to stand little chance against the hordes of evil. It's up to you to prove, that miracles do happen in fantasy worlds.
Thunderscape presents you with many time-proven RPG ideas that work together so well, that it's astounding that anyone would want to modify them. You get a party of six brave champions, a large gameworld to explore, lots of items to collect, stats to build, and enemies to slay. While roaming the world, the game progresses in real-time, switching to turn-based combat whenever you approach (or get ambushed by) an opponent. With everything that made dungeon crawlers so successful in the 1990 and some very distinctive steampunk-ish feel, this game is highly recommended to all cRPG fans looking for a challenge!
Set off to explore the world of Aden and save it from the corruptive forces of the Darkfall in Thunderscape, for only $5.99 on