Release: Theme Hospital

You might not think that a hospital sim could be so funny, but remember: laughter is the best medicine!
Welcome to the clinic! As a treatment for typical symptoms of moderngameboringus--lack of creativity, no sense of humor, and mindless repetition--we recommend a wonderful insta-cure: Theme Hospital for a co-pay of only $5.99!
Theme Hospital is a hospital management simulation. You need to fill the empty building with all sorts of hospital equipment, starting from desks and file cabinets, to ultra-sophisticated diagnostic machinery like DNA fixer or Head Inflator: you know, equipment every hospital needs. Then you hire all necessary staff members like doctors, nurses, handymen, or receptionists, and once everything’s set up, treat patients as they come in suffering from a variety of humourous illnesses, including Hairyitis, Bloaty Head, and even Slack Tongue (caused by over-discussion of soap operas!).
Theme Hospital is all about the little details: staff personalities, patients vomiting, doctors chilling in the staff room, and fantastic comedic cutscenes. Your hospital requires not only the best staff and equipment but pool tables, soda machines, radiators, and plants to keep your patients and doctors alike happy. Fans of micromanagement will be pleased, but so will fans of fun!
Do what it takes to make the world a better place: pick up Theme Hospital for $5.99 on today!