Release: The Swapper

Quantum enpuzzlement!
The Swapper, a Sci-Fi puzzle-platformer with an original cloning and body-swapping mechanics and unique visuals hand-crafted out of clay and everyday objects around you, is available 50% off on That's only $7.49 for the next 48 hours.
The Swapper, a puzzling Sci-Fi game of exploration with a really extraordinary graphical style, will give you the unique experience of creating copies of your character instantaneously and switching bodies using high-tech quantum sorcery, to find your way across the strange hand-crafted landscape. That's right: hand-crafted. Every bit of this game's graphics was created using clay models, everyday objects, and other physical items. All that effort put into the visuals, is matched by the depth and ingenuity of the gameplay. The following statement is true for most games, but with this particular title it's more accurate than ever: you need to play it to believe it!
If you're not a stranger to the term "quantum entanglement" you'll discover a deeper meaning to the strange journey that lies ahead of you. If that's not the case, you can still enjoy the brilliant puzzles and amazing visuals in The Swapper, for only $7.49 on Don't wait, because the 50% off release discount offer lasts only for 48 hours, that's until Thursday, October 24, at 9:59 AM GMT.