Release: The Real Texas

Ev'thang here's weirder'n a $3 bill!
The Real Texas, a quirky action-RPG that will have you go "yee-haw!" in the magical Republic of Texas, is now available on for only $8.99 for the next two weeks.
Howdy, cowboy! How in the world did you end up here? Where are ye, you ask? Why that's ye olde Strange, Texas, of course! You weren't pulled here by one of them blue portals, now did'ya? If that's the case than, boy, you're gonna' have nuttin' but problems out'ere. And here's the real kicker--I won't tell ya' how to get outta'ere. Yous just gonna' have'ta fixit yerself outta this pickle! Now, 'ave a nice day, cowboy. And welcome to The Real Texas.
It's not hard to overlook The Real Texas (the game, of course, not the Lone Star State) and let it slip under your radar. That would be such a shame, though, as this game is one of the most intriguing things that happened in the world of indie games this year. As the devs say themselves, it plays like a mashup of Zelda: Link to the Past and Ultima 6. It borrows combat mechanics and inspiration in design from the first title and an open-ended world full of NPC with elaborate dialog trees from the latter. The Real Texas uses some weird graphics and quirky sense of humor to create a world teeming with life and full of enthralling stories. The writing here is very sharp, and the quests take you through an original story that will, on average, take more than 20 hours to complete. Once you start playing, you'll instantly feel that you're up for an adventure like no other!
Whadda ya' waitin' for, pardner, grab yourself a bit of The Real Texas, for only $8.99. That's 40% off ye olde regular price, until Tuesday, December 4, at 10:59 AM GMT.