UPDATE - The Metronomicon + FREE Deck the Dubstep DLC!

Dance your demons away.
UPDATE: The holidays are just around the corner, so let's turn it dancing, shall we? The free Deck the Dubstep DLC is a single-song pack with a track by Andross and some festive secrets hidden inside. Come on, everyone, time to shake our belly like a bowl full of jelly!
The Metronomicon, a rhythm-based RPG where you and your party dungeon-crawl in sync, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on GOG.com.
Disco is not dead, it just dwells in the strangest of places. Like inside neon-bathed dungeons, full of musically-empowered monsters described in the mysterious Metronomicon. Eight unlikely heroes will venture there, ready to deliver tone-death, grab as much loot as they can carry, and then awkwardly dance away to the next level. Apart from synchronizing their moves to the amazing, fully-licenced soundtrack, they can draw from a vast selection of devastating spells, buffs, and items in order to heal their teammates or nuke the rhythm-mongering creatures that stand in their way. Fix yourself an eccentric hairdo and get your groove going, because when dancing is a matter of life and death, stage fright is not an option.
Become the rockstar of a dungeon full of arrhythmic monsters waiting to out-dance you, in The Metronomicon, DRM-free on GOG.com.