Release: The Inner World

There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief.
The Inner World, a comedic adventure game set in one of the most original gameworlds you'll get to visit and filled with some of the most peculiar characters you'll get to meet, is available 25% off on for Windows and Mac. That's only $11.24 for the first week.
Somehow, the most amazing adventures tend to take place in the weirdest of worlds. May it be a ring floating in space, a planet covered tightly with meandering artificial river, or a disk resting on the back of four elephants standing on the back of a turtle--those strange realms teem with odd and fascinating inhabitants and most unusual events. Asposia is one of such worlds. It's contained whole in a large bubble suspended in an universe composed of solid matter. When its denizens look up, they're actually looking inside, and the only thing stopping them from seeing the other side of the bubble, is a large cloud floating in the middle of the bubble. In such a strange environment three wind fountains are providing fresh life-sustaining air. Now, one of them is starting to fail.
The Inner World is an extensive adventure experience filled with cartoonish graphics, original ideas, and tons of brilliant humor. The gameplay is easily adjustable to your level of point-and-click adventuring experience with multi-level hint system and optional hotspots. The world you set out to explore is extraordinarily large and filled with challenging brain-teasers. On, the game comes with some interesting bonus goodies, such as full MP3 soundtrack and an Encyclopedia Aposia document.
Join a pair of mismatched heroes, Robert the Joker and Laura the Thief in The Inner World, for only $S11.24 on The 25% discount launch offer will last until Friday, October 4, at 9:59AM GMT.