Release: The Book of Unwritten Tales

Puts the “fun” into “funtasy adventure game”!
The Book of Unwritten Tales, a wonderful and incredibly well-written point-and-click adventure game that spoofs almost every existing fantasy cliche, is now available on 10% off for limited time. That’s only $17.99 until Tuesday, August 7 at 09:00 AM GMT.
The creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales are that masters of one very difficult but highly-valued genre of humor: parody. The game light-heartedly spoofs countless fantasy universes, drawing from books, movies, and games (although it focuses most of its punches on a certain popular MMORPG;)). Some of the characters are well aware of their predicament of being a part of a computer game, so expect the fourth wall to be shattered into small pieces before you reach the ending credits.
In The Book of Unwritten Tales you control the cast of unlikely (but very much likeable!) heroes using a classic point-and-click interface. They visit countless puzzle-packed locations--each beautifully presented in lush 3D graphics--that combine into a large and detailed gameworld. The adventure consists of five lengthy chapters interpersed with many top-notch cinematics, so the game guarantees hours of story-driven fun that will leave you craving for more.
The Book of Unwritten Tales--a splendid adventure with great voice-acting and heaps of witty punchlines will have you laughing out loud like a gleeful goblin for only $17.99 for the next 7 days.