Release: The Bard's Tale

Beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer!
The Bard's Tale, the pinnacle of comedy among computer role playing games, bundled with the classic DOS-era dungeon crawlers: Bard's Tale 1,2,3, is available for Windows and Mac OS X on, for only $9.99.
In a world, that's in a desperate need of a hero, one man chooses his own destiny. Yup, that sounds about the same as every other role playing game. Only this time, things go a little bit different. The Bard, a roguish vagabond who only cares for coin and cleavage, has no intention to perform acts of unmatchable heroism and prove that he's larger than life. Neither he has desire for fame and glory that would earn him a place in songs and sagas that would fuel the imagination of the generations to come. After all, he can always come up with songs and sagas praising him, while he enjoys a pint of beer and some female companionship at some cozy inn. Yup, whatever he does, he will be remembered as a great champion of the realm. What would you do in such unique position? Loot riches and woo maidens--it's the correct answer, my friend.
The Bard's Tale delivers solid cRPG gameplay, a vast fantasy realm to explore, tons of quests to perform, and hundreds of items to loot. By all means this is a fully-fledged role playing game, but that's not what it's famous for. Brilliant comedy is where this game truly shines among all other titles in this genre. With excellent writing and fantastic voicing done by Cary Elwes (of The Princess Bride fame) as the Bard, and a gaming voiceover veteran, Tony Jay as the Narrator. There's also an extra treat for the die-hard old-school computer RPG fans included with this release: the classic DOS-era hard-as-nails Bard's Tales 1, 2, and 3.
There are many cliche RPGs out there, but this is not one of them. As you embark on this adventure, you have no way to anticipate how will it end. One thing's certain though--there will be plenty of coin and cleavage coming your way if you get The Bard's Tale for only $9.99 on!