Release: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Tex Murphy has entered the building!
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure marks the triumphant return of everyone's favorite trenchcoat wearing, fedora bearing private detective, Tex Murphy! Thanks to the power of Kickstarter and legions of devoted fans, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is available now--DRM-free on $19.99! (We're so happy about this that some of us are squeeing like little girls!)
The year is 2050. The place: New San Francisco. Someone has made sure that our rough-around-the-edges hero has forgotten the events of the last seven years. What appears to be the world's worst hangover is just the beginning of Tex's troubles as he tries to recollect just what the hell happened. Stuck in a maze of unsolved murders and hidden agendas, Tex must solve the mystery of his own past and that of the lost technologies of Nikola Tesla. Can Tex regain his memory in time to restore what's been lost and stop a terrifying future?
If you have a hankering for old-fashioned FMV with a modern flavor, sleuthing while dropping some pithy one-liners, then look no further than Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure available NOW on PC and Mac, DRM-free for $19.99 on!
Important notice!
The Tex Murphy Video Contest is now CLOSED. We are drowning under a torrent of awesome entries and we will announce the winners soon!