Release: Surgeon Simulator 2013

Scrub in!
Surgeon Simulator 2013, an over-the-top operation sim game full of dark humor, cartoonish gore, and twisted ideas, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the first week.
Mr. Smith, let me explain the procedure in laymans terms. The X-Rays clearly show a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette-shaped mass in your stomach. In the interview you've told my intern that you've swallowed a matchbox car, but I have ruled that out as the cause. This leaves me with no other choice but to open you up, Mr. Smith, and see what the problem is. Since our hospital's generous new investor, who has recently expanded from the furniture industry, funded our new state-of-the art surgical laser, I will attempt to do this the least invasive way. Namely, I will proceed through the cranium. The brain will be in the way, so it'll need to be temporarily removed, so I can insert this here spying glass in the cavity and push it through to the abdomen. Don't worry, your brain will be resting safely in this here ice bucket. Mr. Smith? You look pale. Are you ok? Oh my god! He fainted! I need a doctor here!
Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a title based on the (false, but entertaining) premise, that surgery is a bucket-load of fun. Here's a game where you control the steady hand of a well-trained medical professional performing an operation. Well, that's not true. The hand is far from being steady, and the doctor apparently found their medical licence in a cereal box. That shouldn't stop you from cracking open some virtual rib-cages and crania and poking around there with various tools, some even passable as medical equipment. If you've ever played the classic table-top Milton Bradley's "Operation" as a kid, you're more than well-qualified to handle all the challenges this crazy title throws at you. With tons of clever and funny ideas, over-the-top dark humor, special features like the alien autopsy, and even support for the Oculus Rift display and Razer Hydra controller, Surgeon Simulator 2013 is the best modern source of gaming medical humor in existence!
Do you need a fun way to do something with your god complex, but don't really have time and resources to go through medical school? You can always buy a licence abroad or take the cheapest option and get Surgeon Simulator 2013, for only $4.99 on The 50% off release discount offer lasts until Thursday, October 17, at 12:59PM GMT.