Release: Strike Suit Zero

Mother Earth needs YOU, pilot.
Strike Suit Zero, a visually stunning revival of space combat sim genre, with many fresh gameplay ideas, featuring dynamic action, sleek spacecraft design, and mindblowing music, is now available on, 20% off. That's only $15.99, this week only!
The story is simple: evil forces armed with an alien relic attack the Earth and destroy almost entire U.N.E. fleet. You, a disgraced pilot named Adams, are the only force standing between the Colonials and annihilation of our homeworld. Sure it's a story you've heard before, but none of those stories offered you a chance to unleash the power of the Strike Suit. You, destroying entire fleets almost single-handedly--it's that kind of story.
Strike Suit Zero balances between simulation and arcade shooter and manages to create a fantastic combat experience. In the first few levels you pilot a "normal" starfighter--a one you'd expect from a space combat sim. However, it's the Strike Suit that allows the game to fully shine, offering a sense of empowerment like no other space sim and allowing you to eradicate your opponents with a flurry of deadly missiles and triumph over enemy forces that outnumber you 10 to 1. It is fairly difficult but not unfair, as mouse + keyboard controls work intuitively, until you grab a recommended joystick, of course :) Both space-sim fans and more "casual" gamers will enjoy the hell out of setting the space skies on fire.
If you're worried about not getting DLCs with the version, then stop. All users who purchase the game or a gift code within the first month will get the DLC-pack for free. Yes. More death-dealing space mechs are coming!
Missing that unpaired rush of adrenaline one can only get from dogfighting enemy fighters in the depths of space? Don't hesitate to join the U.N.E. Fleet, get Strike Suit Zero today, for only $15.99! The discount will last until Thursday, January 31, 1:29PM GMT.

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