Release: Strike Commander

Here to take your breath away.
Strike Commander, an action-oriented modern-day mercenary jet fighter combat simulation from Chis Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander--DRM-free on, for only $5.99
In this troubled world, the only place I ever feel free is up here, among the clouds. Blasting through the sky at supersonic speed, looking at the world, so small, way, way down, I'm immortal. You can't take that away from me if you try. In fact, I dare you to try. Come and challenge me. Come and challenge any of us. We're the Wildcats, the elite. There's nothing we can't do, up here. God made a mistake of not giving us wings. That didn't stop us. Neither will you.
Strike Commander was often called "Privateer on Earth", because in the game you take the role of a mercenary pilot hired to perform various missions in the times of global unrest. The action takes place in the year 2011, which was considered near-future at the time of game's development. Just as in the stellar Wing Commander series, a good part of the plot is being delivered via cut-scenes, briefings, and sections representing every day life in a paramilitary base that hauses a squad of hired guns. The simulated combat is action-oriented and satisfying, and the story of elite pilot squad taking on the world full of injustice and violence is compelling and well-executed. Our release of the game includes the Tactical Operations expansion and the extended Speech Pack, as well as rare documents such as the playtester's guide and an in-depth strategy guide.
The sky is yours in Strike Commander, for only $5.99 on Godspeed, flyboy (or flygirl)!