Release: Stories: The Path of Destinies Artbook and Soundtrack

If it looks great and it sounds great... then you need to find out what its Story is!
The beautiful Artbook and the addictive Soundtrack for the witty action/adventure Stories: The Path of Destinies, are now available for purchase, DRM-free on
Every great fairy tale has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The great ones even have multiple endings, and a good number of intriguing middles. They also have stunning imagery enhanced by a fine selection of catchy tunes that stay with you long after all the Stories have been said and done.
Stories: The Path of Destinies is one such fairy tale and whenever you are looking to revisit or reminisce on Reynardo's charming adventures, you can now browse through the Artbook or listen to the alluring Soundtrack. You were always looking for an excuse to go back and discover those other endings anyway, weren't you?
Return to the magical storybook land of Stories: The Path of Destinies with its Artbook and Soundtrack, DRM-free on
Buying both the Soundtrack and the Artbook will get you a 20% series discount.