Release: STAR WARS™: Dark Forces

The one that started it all...
Star Wars™: Dark Forces, the very first FPS ever to be set in the Star Wars® universe is DRM-free for Windows and Linux, now on with a special 20% launch discount!
When Star Wars™: Dark Forces was first released in 1995, it quickly proved to be a revolutionary title not only because it provided the most immersive Star Wars® experience to date, but also because it was one of the very earliest first person shooters to introduce design elements such as realistic multi-story structures, the freedom of movement to jump and crouch, and a well written storyline complete with beautiful pre-rendered cutscenes. The story of Dark Forces covers the humble beginnings for Kyle Katarn, an Imperial officer turned Rebel operative, who would go on to become a master force wielder in the later Jedi Knight series of games and inspire countless stories taking place in the Star Wars™ Legends universe.
Star Wars™: Dark Forces is a unique opportunity to experience the game that shaped video gaming and the Star Wars™ franchise for years to come. Specially prepared and meticulously tested on Windows and Linux, now on! The 20% launch discount will last for 72 hours until Friday, January 23, at 1:59 PM GMT.