Release: Space Empires 4: Deluxe

Space, the final playground.
Space Empires 4: Deluxe, a challenging, very complex, and highly customizable Sci-Fi turn-based strategy game, is available on, for only $9.99
As a Galactic Emperor your duties to your people are many. But the most important of them all is to make sure your empire expands and progresses, gaining new territories to colonize and developing new technologies to gain an advantage over whoever opposes you. This is never easy, and the unimaginable vastness of space makes the task even harder for just one man to manage. But you're not just like every other man, afterall. You are the cosmic regent, destined for eternal glory!
Space Empires 4: Deluxe belongs to the ever respectable genre of Sci-Fi turn-based strategies. Like all the best titles of that pedigree it delivers gameplay of high complexity and variety. There's always many factors you'll have to manage simultaneously, and every playthrough presents you with its own unique challenges. The Deluxe edition adds many tweaks and upgrades to the original gameplay, and the most demanding players get the option to customize many aspects of the game manually!
Did you miss the rush of power that can only be gained by exploring the space, expanding your empire, exploiting its resources, and exterminating your opponents? Space Empires 4: Deluxe is here to cater to your craving, for only $9.99 on!