Release: Space Colony HD

Home is where the iridium power plant is.
Space Colony HD, the high-definition version of the futuristic cross between real-time strategy and real-space-life simulation, is available now on, for only $7.99! That's 20% off the regular price for one week.
Space Colony HD lets you build and manage a high-tech habitat to colonize an alien world. The range of facilities you can construct is impressive and the number of factors you need to keep track of will make this game a real challenge. But what's most interesting is that every single one of the colonist that inhabit your base has an elaborate personality. Some tend to cause trouble while other's are the grease that keep the gears of your colony go smoothly.
Check out for yourself what the makers of Stronghold Crusader HD cooked up for you up there, in the new frontier. Now you can experience it all in high definition! The nice guys from FireFly Studios have even prepared a short video explaining what's special about the game.
Join the colonists and contribute to what might be the beginning of the galactic human supremacy in Space Colony HD, for only $7.99 until Thursday, November 15, at 10:59AM GMT.