Release: Smugglers V

The galaxy is your oyster.
Smugglers V, a turn-based Sci-Fi epic where you fight, trade, and pirate your way to the top of galactic elite, is available on, for only $9.99.
There is a whole genre of games dedicated to a single idea: you're a spacecraft pilot climbing the ladder of power and fame through trading, combat, prospecting, freighting, and possibly piracy. The unsurpassed freedom and feeling that your destiny is your own to shape, made this single idea one of the most prolific motifs in PC gaming. Many of space-sims enjoy cult following and games of this genre developed nowadays sometimes reach incredible scale and complexity. Most of them, though, involve a lot of action and put reflexes before tactics and planning. This one is different. It's played in turns.
Smugglers V is what you get when a dedicated creator polishes and improves every aspect of his game for years. Smugglers is not a series in the common understanding of the word. You don't need to play Smugglers 1-4 to enjoy the fifth one to full extent. It's still pretty much the same game, that evolves with each installment, gaining more and more gameplay depth, enriching the dynamic universe presented, and offering new options. In the latest version we offer you here, the phenomenal turn-based space-sim offers 30+ different spacecrafts, 100+ pilot skills and traits, 6 different career choices, and 4 factions to pledge allegiance to at your whim. The turn-based mechanics make this title extremely addictive, as the "one more turn" syndrome can hold you at the helm to the wee hours of the morning.
Pilot, forge your fortune and make your own destiny in a galaxy full of war, unrest, villany, and opportunity in Smugglers V, for only $9.99 on