Release: SiN Gold

You need to see how this one ends!
SiN Gold, a classic first-person shooter with an original futuristic story of fight against an artificial outburst of criminal tendencies, and one of the best level designs of the 1990s, coming complete with the Wages of Sin expansion, is available for only $9.99 on
SiN Gold is one of the great and memorable first-person shooters of the olden days. Upon release it was highly praised for the great execution of its original and involving storyline and great level design, but sadly, it suffered from long loading times and pesky glitches. The fact that the patch fixing these problems was over 30MB in size in the times of Dial-Up Internet didn't help as well. That is how a game that deserves a prominent place in gaming's all-time hall of fame ended up slightly forgotten and overlooked by many FPS fans. With all the trouble way in the past, it is now time to get acquainted (or reunited) with this fantastic title! You can explore different puzzles and new routes each time you play. You will hack computer terminals, control security cameras, and wreak havoc. You will encounter new dangers and intelligent beings in every mission as you fight your way to the ultimate showdown! And you better believe it, an ultimate showdown it will be. The game comes complete with the Wages of Sin expansion.
Begin your crusade against crime and bring down the sinister syndicate lead by the beautiful but deadly Elexis Sinclaire in SiN Gold, for only $9.99 on!