Release: Silver

Europe’s answer to JRPGs
The story of epic conflict of light versus dark and steel versus Silver is available for only $5.99 on
Something is wrong in the world: an evil sorcerer has abducted all of the women in it for his own evil and nefarious purposes. You and your grandfather set on a journey to rescue your beloved Jennifer, who has been kidnapped by a lustful wizard named Silver, who’s searching for a new bride and ordered his son to round up all the ladies of the land, which naturally pissed you off, which will result in evil wizard being defeated, which will only be possible after you visit over 200 awe-inspiring locations, meet 50 NPCs and recruit a team of six bravest of the mighty, and mightiest of the brave, which might not sound like an awesome premise for a game, but is in fact a great action RPG, which blends many different elements and delivers wonderfully entertaining swashbuckling goodness. Swish! Kling! Klang! Swoosh! KA-pow!
Silver takes the feeling and looks of the game from jRPG but offers a unique combat system: instead of simply clicking an enemy to attack, you can get into some kind of “battle mode” and thrust, sideswipe, back swing, dodge, and parry. And that’s awesome! The story is linear but makes up for it by being interesting and fast-paced. Graphics? 3D polygonal characters on rendered 2D backdrops similar to Alone in the Dark, but don’t think that the graphics are bad; backgrounds look fantastic, and characters are nicely animated.
Overall, Silver is a great RPG; it does not offer the depth of Baldur’s Gate, but it’s a great time-and-wizard-killer that combines elements action and adventure of Final Fantasy VII, Diablo, and Die by the Sword and delivers wonderful sound, graphics, and interface. Silver is available right now on for only $5.99!