Release: Shelter

Beware the eagle!
Shelter, a unique exploration and survival game that lets you experience the wonders and hardships of an animal life in a beautiful surrounding of the colorful virtual forest, is available 10% off on That's only $8.99 for the first week!
For many of us, the most appealing part of gaming is the ability to see the world from a different perspective, and experience a life much different from our own. For the most part, games take us to different universes to achieve that. When you think about it, though, there's a whole different world neighboring the realm of humans: the animal kingdom. To us, each forest is an undiscovered land that we'll never be able to explore and understand in full. To do that, one would have to be able to look at it through the eyes of an animal. Breathe in all the fascinating scents, follow all of its hidden paths, feel the moist dirt beneath your clawed paws--experience the life of a forest critter. Not many games explore this fascinating setting. This one does, and it does it beautifully!
Shelter lets you roam the wild as a mother badger, taking care of her jaunty little cubs. The wild is beautiful and bountiful, but don't take Mother Nature's generosity for granted, and don't feel too confident. You'll need to explore your surroundings in search of water, food, and safe haven, while constantly keeping an eye out for the lurking predators. Danger waits at every step, especially for your furry children. Hunger, cold, and death--that's what the fate has in store for them, if you don't tend to them properly. Terrifying as it may sound, the game's beautiful graphics and meditative soundtrack by Retro Family will grant you many moments of awe and relaxed bliss.
Into the wild, friends! If you like unique gaming experiences, get Shelter for only $8.99 on The release 10% discount offer lasts until Wednesday, September 4, at 9:59AM GMT.