Release: Shattered Haven

You'll never feel safe again.
Shattered Haven, a survival horror puzzle game in which you must learn to use the environment to your advantage, is available 25% off. That's only $7.49 for the game's first week on
In just about nine years the face of the world changed. We watched in horror as the strange plague turned everything that was good an colorful into sickly gray menace that pushes forward to destroy all life. But some of the survivors adapted. We learned how to fight the beasts. There might not ever be any hope to turn the tide of destruction, but there is a slim chance of survival. At least for some of us. This is the story of a broken world and the constant struggle for survival.
In Shattered Haven your chance of survival look very slim. The blood-thirsty restless beasts have you cornered in every stage and there's not much you can do short of using everything around you as a weapon. You'll need to master the art of guerrilla war against the Grays and hope for the best in these grim times for human civilization. The game supports local multiplayer, so make sure a friend always has your back. When you run out of the many stages supported by the developers, you can always use the provided level editor, and cook up some survival horror of your own.
Use your wits and planning to escape the gray monsters of doom in Shattered Haven, for only $7.49 on The promo lasts until Monday, March 25, at 1:59PM GMT.