Release: Shadowgrounds Survivor

Finely ground aliens to take-out.
Shadowgrounds Survivor, a dynamic top-down shooter with swarms of alien horrors to spray with bullets, suggestive visuals, spiffy weapon upgrade system, and four player co-op mode, is now available on for only $5.99. With that, its predecessor: Shadowgrounds, receives a Mac version and a permanent price drop to $5.99 as well.
In this indirect continuation of Frozenbyte's exciting alien shooter you'll follow a parallel story of the human commando facing the invasion on the Ganymede colony. The horror creeping in the dark corners of the Universe finally caught up with Terran colonists and the massacre that followed was only survived by a handful of the best trained, bravest, and quickest soldiers. Now it is up to them to put a stop to the extraterrestrial menace that threatens our existence.
Shadowgrounds Survivor delivers non-stop alien-shooting action over the course of 20 diverse missions, and it does so in perfect form. The old-school gameplay concept is paired with very modern visuals. You'll feel the heat of the combat and alien blood splatters as your guns rattle and spit a rain of bullets on your monstrous foes. Are you crazy enough to face the endless waves of beast in the timed survival mode? You can even share the fun with up to three more friends, in the fun and challenging co-op mode. Fun times! Dark and dangerous, but fun.
Humanity needs you again, so grab your upgradeable guns, and seriously kick some alien behind in Shadowgrounds Survivor, for only $5.99.