Release: Shadow Warrior

I'm one with my blade and gun. Gives me advantage, three to one. Better run!
Shadow Warrior, a modern reimagining of the classic melee-heavy FPS starring the ultimate Asian badass, Lo Wang, is available 10% off on That's $35.99 for the first week.
The way of the Shadow Warrior takes him wherever his destiny leads, but anyway he goes, he leaves a trail of blood in his wake. And you know what? He loves it! Every slash of the sword, every pull of the trigger, brings a broad smile on his red-splattered face. Looking at him, there's no doubt: he is not entirely sane, but his craziness suits him very well. He's the chosen one, the favorite child of the Asian gods of badassdom and terrible puns. He's Lo Wang, and the World of Men, nor the World of Demons never knew another like him. Zilla corporation should have picked another Wang to mess with. Hakkenshootslashbang!
Shadow Warrior, is the fresh envisionment of the 1997 Shadow Warrior Classic, and while it takes a lot of its controversial predecessor spiritually, it looks and feels very modern. But not too modern. This is not a game that would hold your hand or pair you up with a canine companion. This is pure gory explosive FPS single-player goodness we all love and long for. With beautiful visuals, bold enemy design, and excellent combat mechanics perfect both for gunslingers and melee enthusiast, this action-packed title will satisfy your deepest desire of adrenaline and carnage. All that, with a healthy amount of unsavory humor fans grew to expect from Lo Wang.
Deliver pain and puns like there was no tomorrow in Shadow Warrior, for only $35.99. The 10% discount offer lasts until Thursday, October 3, at 4:59PM GMT.