Release: Screamer 4X4

We're ridin' dirty, we're ridin' dirty...
Screamer 4X4, a rugged off-road racing game where 4WD is king, is veering off the the well-traveled track and heading out into the wild for a clean $5.99 only on!
YEEEHAAAAAW! We're finally going out where we can let our hair down and get dirty! There ain't nothing like driving in low gear with your differential locked as you try to bypass those dadgum trees on the second curve of what could be loosely termed as a racetrack. Shoot, son, this isn't another one of those "oh, he made ANOTHER left turn" racing games! You gotta get your hands dirty as you race through painstakingly modeled terrain and realistic 4WD (4 wheel drive for those not in the know) handling. Choose from a variety of racing modes--Free Drive, Championship, or Trophy--and play solo or against your friends in LAN multiplayer.
Get the hell off the tarmac and get your dirt on in Screamer 4X4, for only $5.99 now on!