Release: Rune Classic

Today we are cancelling the Ragnarök!
Rune Classic, a heroic third-person action game firmly rooted in the dark realm of the olden Norse mythology, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the first week.
The Skalds say that the thread of a man's destiny is spinned by the Norns, the blind goddesses of fate. That some are destined to become warriors and fight in the name of Odin, the one-eyed Allfather, while others are doomed to cower in the darkness of their own hearts. That is true, but no man's fate is set in stone. Even the legendary warriors of ancient Sagas had to prove their worth before ascending to Valhalla and earning their place at Odin's table. Even the strongest thread can snap sometimes, and no mortal can take his destiny for granted. Especially in times, when Loki the Deceiver, the Trickster outcast of Asgård awakens once more to bring chaos to Midgard and to tangle up the sacred yarn of the Norns. You need to accept your destiny, Ragnar, Blade of Odin, but you need to show your worth, if you want to keep it.
Rune Classic, a classic third-person perspective action game, inspired by the heroic sagas of Norse mythology, will take you on a journey of bravery, honor, and blood. As Ragnar, a young Viking warrior newly initiated to the sacred Odinsblade Order, you'll be tasked to protect the mystical runestones, created by the one-eyed father of gods himself, to bind the evil Loki and stop him from causing chaos and suffering. Follow the hero on his path as he explores a land of Viking legends and draws blood of one brutal beast after another. This is the most extensive version of the game available, with the original campaign and the Halls of Valhalla expansion included. With lots of up-close exciting melee combat and a detailed fantastic setting, this title delivers hours of full-blooded Viking badassery in single and multi-player mode alike.
Stay up all night to get Loki! Earn your place in the Valhalla by proving your bravery to the Valkyrias in Rune Classic, for only $4.99 on! The 50% off release discount offer lasts until Thor's Day, October 31, at 9:59AM GMT.