Release: Rogue Trooper

Avenge your squad.
Rogue Trooper, a third-person perspective shooter based on a the Sci-Fi comic streep series of the same title, nicely balancing stealth, tactics, and action elements, is available on, for only $9.99.
Rogue Trooper, a tactical third-person perspective shooter proves thay one solitary soldier change the course of an entire war. In this adaptation of the 2000 AD comic book strip, you'll play the role of a genetically-manufactured blue-skinned super-soldier that sets out on a personal vendetta when he finds his squad betrayed and murdered. In this truly open-ended combat experience you get to choose your own tactics, and decide your goals, as you use your stealth as well as superior firepower to conquer the many dangers of the Nu Earth warzone. Recommended to thinkers and fighters alike!
If you like open worlds that give you the oportunity to play the way you like to play and choose any tactics you see fit, check out Rogue Trooper, for only $9.99 on