Release: Re-volt

Re-charge and go!
Re-Volt, a dynamic racing game with tons of fun and excitement that only RC toy cars could possibly provide, is available on, for only $5.99.
Go through the pipe, use the cardboard ramp to jump across the puddle, zip through the hole in the picket fence and take a sharp turn to fit on the sidewalk. Look at your opponent, he didn't make the turn, and now his car tumbles into the storm drain. Oh no! The battery runs low, and the finish line is still fifty feet away. Time to use the boost, you were saving through the whole race! Wooosh!!! Damn that pidgeon, why did he had to be in the way. Nevermind, the finish line. So close. Battery failing. So slow. Oh no, the buzzing of a tiny engine just around the corner. Get pass the finish line. Now. Victory!
Re-Volt will make your inner child squeal with joy! If you ever got to play with RC cars (or, really, any other type of toy cars as there is no limit to child's imagination), you will find the same whimsical excitement in this fantastic, colorful game. With many types of RC cars to choose from, a great selection of imaginative tracks improvised in some of the most unexpected places, and dynamic gameplay nicely conveying the "light" physics of toy cars. If you're looking for a racing game packed with tons of fun, this classic title is a safe pick for you!
Batteries and plastic can easily prove to be far more exciting than gasoline and metal in Re-Volt, on, for only $5.99