Release: Resonance

Four heroes, one mysterious weapon, and dozens of puzzles tie together in this game where saving the world rests in your hands.
Resonance, an atmospheric sci-fi adventure with a retro feel, is available now on for $9.99.
Resonance has been available for pre-orders for quite some time already along with a playable preview, and from the comments in the subforum (and the number of preorders!) it seems that a lot of people were anxiously waiting for its release. The creation from Wadjet Eye and Xii Games is finally available and it’s a title bound to thrill adventure fans.
Resonance has it all: great story, difficult puzzles, fantastic retro graphics, and a unique long-term and short-term memory system where the player “collects” memories and uses them to solve puzzles or start conversations. The game’s story, music, and graphics all combine to give you a techno-thriller feel; the spooky atmosphere, the emotions of characters, and the high stakes of the story all make this an unforgettable experience.
Challenging, captivating, believable point-and-click for $9.99--get Resonance now on desktop wallpapers, avatars, a digital poster (suitable for printing), the game’s MP3 soundtrack, and video developer diaries.
**Note for pre-orders**
Any save from the playable preview or demo will not work with the full version.
You can either re-play the game (recommended!) and maybe mix things up a little ;) or use this save with instructions instead.

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